Welcome to XED Global

A group of professionals from diverse backgrounds of business education and academia, journalism, technology and design have come together to form XED Global, a firm that is focused on executive education worldwide.

To start with, XED will be an online portal with three primary pillars:

  1. Content:News & Events from the world of ExEd across the world; Insights, Interviews with Deans of ExEd; Trends that connect the dots, First person articles and commentaries
  2. Program Navigator of Open Enrolment programs
  3. Reviews and testimonials by those who have already done executive education courses from different business schools worldwide.

Our target audiences are:

  1. Business schools: Deans, Administration; Faculty
  2. HR heads and managers of Fortune 500 companies who would like to undergo the courses
  3. Alumni across the years who have done these courses.

There are a number of benefits for Universities and business schools to feature on XED Global platform. They include:

Discover the trends in the Executive Education space

Get leads of the prospective candidates searching for the programs

Devise strategies basis the cutting edge information and keep ahead of the times

Get perspectives from thought leadership and share the best practices

According to Financial Times, the global executive education market including Open and Customized programs is a whopping $ 70 billion market. While United States and Europe have been the traditional strongholds of executive education, Asia, Africa and the Middle East are proving to be the growth markets of the future. Therefore, an online resource that will have a global focus could never have come a more opportune time. XED Global is Made in India, Made for the World.

© Natalie Keyssar for Harvard Business School 2013

To be a one-stop resource for global executive education

To bring global leaders and leadership developers closer