Autodesk is a world leader in the 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. The executive team realized it needed to bolster the financial skills and understanding of its senior leaders worldwide. Their goals were to deepen financial analysis and valuation skills across the top tier of the organization; to increase alignment of senior managers with key financial goals and metrics directly related to Autodesk’s strategy; to create a more sophisticated financial understanding of how analysts value Autodesk, and to bolster understanding of Autodesk’s acquisition strategy.


Autodesk selected Tuck because they were looking for a partner who would co-create a programme to meet their specific needs. Tuck faculty worked with Autodesk’s CFO to create an executive education experience focused on financial analysis for the company and the software industry. The programme was designed and delivered to senior Autodesk managers worldwide, including the CEO and his direct reports. The programme featured active participation by the CFO and the head of business development, partnering with Tuck faculty to present the highly customized learning materials. Over a period of three years, the programme was delivered six times in Boston, Hanover, Paris, San Francisco, and Shanghai.


More than 160 Autodesk executives from across the organization participated in the programme. As a result, the company’s senior management shares a common language, skill set, and understanding of the key financial concepts affecting their business in particular and the software industry in general. For Autodesk, Tuck’s ability to design a programme aligned with their particular business and growth strategies equated to a bigger, more immediate payback from their investment in executive education.

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