Emotions are the most powerful resources we have. Experiencing emotions and expressing them appropriately is a crucial competence that enhances effectiveness of a leaders in the organizational context.
Leaders spend a great deal of time interacting with other people, both inside and outside their organization. The ability to understand and effectively handle emotions in self and others is a key factor that distinguishes successful leaders and managers. The purpose of this programme is to provide participants with a set of emotional intelligence competencies that will contribute significantly to their effectiveness as a leader. The programme will make participants aware (through discussions, experiential exercises, cases and experience sharing) the importance of understanding and handling emotions in the organizational context.
Emphasis will be on how EQ competencies are crucial for success and well-being of leaders. This programme is designed to help participants understand self, knowing others, and learning to deal with complex interactions that arise from our inherent differences.

Methodology :    The pedagogy will comprise exercises, lectures, experience sharing, case and theme based discussions. The focus will be on development of skills and insights through experiential learning and lecture methods.

Expected Participant :    The programme is addressed to senior and middle level managers of private and public sector organizations from any area of management. The programme shall prove most valuable for those managers who spend a significant amount of their working time in leading teams and interacting with others.

Programme Contents :        Emotional Intelligence: Components and                                                                 Competencies
                                            Understanding Emotions and Feelings in Self and                                                   Others
                                            Emotion Regulation: Working with Anger and Fear
                                            Cultivating Positive Emotions
                                            Networking and Interpersonal Skills
                                            Mindfulness Based Emotional Balance
                                            Influencing Tactics and Skills
Programme Director :    Dr E S Srinivas

Duration :    September 18 - 20, 2017

Venue :    Hyderabad

Source: http://www.xlri.ac.in/academic-programmes/corporate-programmes/programme-index-details.aspx?pId=353