Effective oral and written communication skills have frequently been identified as prerequisites to managerial success , qualities that they look for in an applicant.

They have identified oral and written communications skills at the top of their list (Powell & Jankovich, 1998: Moody, Stewart & Boltlee, 2002). This is not surprising considering that managers are frequently required to make presentations both within the organisation and to external groups such as clients, or potential partners. The purpose or intent of these presentations may vary from sharing information to persuading the audience or selling an idea or product.

In each case an effective presentation will aid the communicator in performing his/her role. Moreover in the current environment, individuals increasingly face an information overload and shorter time spans within which they are required to assimilate data and make effective and informed decisions. In such a scenario the ability to communicate is imperative for managerial effectiveness and success.

Key Topics

  •  Communication Skills
  •  Interpersonal Communication
  •  Oral Presentations
  •  Audio Visual Presentations
  •  Written Communication
  •  Persuasion
  •  Leadership Communication
  •  Cross‐Cultural Communication

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