Penteo is the independent analyst in the field of ICT in the Spanish market who leads the largest community of managers. We help medium and large companies in the public and private sectors in ICT decision making, with the aim of maximizing their value for the business. The Company’s position is to be the ICT advisor of our clients, based on 3 differential values.

1.    Knowledge of the Spanish market 

2.    Investigation and analysis of trends in the business use of ICT and the supply of existing ICT providers. 

3.    Independence and impartiality.

By ownership and by not having alliances or agreements with market players. We have been on the market for more than 20 years, supporting more than 200 medium and large companies.

The problem

The Organisation is in the middle of an era of the digital revolution, with all the paradigm changes that this entails. For the organization, well managed, it represents a powerful tool for growth, change and adaptation of business.
Chief Information Officers (CIOs) can bring considerable value to their organisations beyond the narrowly defined remits of their roles in IT management and operations. Hence for the CIO’s, it is a golden opportunity to lead this transition.

Therefore, the intensive programme combined master sessions, case studies and workshops for 3 days with the main ICT Directors of the country and outstanding experts on the new digital leadership of the CIO in association with one of the best B-schools in Europe, Imperial was a natural choice.

About the programme

In partnership with Spanish IT consultancy Penteo, Imperial Execution Education team delivered a three-day academy for 35 participants from across Spain.
As much as it was customised for Penteo the programme was extended for other organisations including KPMG and Telefónica, with the aim to drive innovation in their organisations as well and of giving them the opportunity to share challenges and reflect on how the digital economy is transforming the role of CIOs.

The programme exposed participants to live cases from guest CIOs and Chief Technical Officers and experts, covered topics such as ‘Patterns and Platforms for Innovation’ and ‘Design Thinking for Innovation’, and engaged participants in lectures, external visits and guided debates on market trends and the strategic evolution of the CIO function as a driver of business strategy.

This immersion in the application of innovative thinking, and our expectation that throughout the academy each participant would challenge their own and others’ practice, seeking evidence of outcomes and looking for new approaches, meant each participant gained considerable insight into how they can use digital technologies and strategies to drive business and left with a toolkit of skills and approaches with which to deliver excellence in their organisations.

The Programme Director was Dr Mark Kennedy, Associate Professor of Strategy and Organisational Behaviour and Director of the KPMG Centre for Business Analytics.


The key aspects to strengthen the role of the CIO were deepened, as well as being a technological leader, as a strategic leader in their organization.

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