Deutsche Telekom AG is a German telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn and by revenue the largest telecommunications provider in Europe. Deutsche Telekom was formed in 1996, as the former state-owned monopoly Deutsche Bundespost was privatised. The company operates several subsidiaries worldwide, including the mobile communications brand T-Mobile.

Deutsche Telekom, a global telecommunications provider headquartered in Bonn, Germany, turned to Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) for help improving the digital skills of its managers. The firm has seen first-hand how digitization is producing agile organizations but needed a push towards redefining their leadership methods and behaviour. A lack of qualified staff is one of the biggest challenges for communications operators facing large-scale digital transformations.

Duke CE partnered with Deutsche Telekom to develop a year-long digital leadership programme called levelUP! The programme started with around 700 executives and showcases how intelligent management approaches can expand existing core business while creating space for innovation.

The programme combines both online and classroom training with participants choosing from a range of modules, all under Deutsche Telekom’s overall agenda for digital transformation.

Some 700 executives have already embarked on the ground-breaking programme, which showcases how intelligent management approaches can expand existing core business while making space in companies for innovation. Executives are able to select from a range of modules. “Managers today are facing truly unprecedented pressures to make changes,” Deutsche Telekom chief human resources officer, Christian Illek told “The pace of digitization is producing organizations that are more agile. As a result, leadership methods and behaviour are being redefined.”

He added: “The trick is to manage core business efficiently while developing new digital business areas successfully, like the cloud, for example.”

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