UOB Group (United Overseas Bank) is one of Asia's leading financial institutions with a network of 500 offices spanning 18 countries and territories. UOB Group covers retail, corporate, institutional, and private and privilege banking services.

UOB, a leading regional bank headquartered in Singapore, engaged with SMU Executive Development (ExD) to redesign the portfolio of programmes for leadership talent development within the bank. The objectives for the redesign of the corporate academy suite of programmes were:

  • Accelerate talent development to support the bank in achieving its growth ambitions. This involved designing integrated learning journeys for each level of executives that aligned with the new competency framework that the bank had adopted.
  • Equip executives with the skills, tools and techniques for driving innovation-based growth, with emphasis on collaboration and reflecting the values and strategy of the bank.
  • Support the executives in leading the transformation that the bank had embarked upon, strengthening self-awareness and ability to lead.

Across three different programme levels in 2014, UOB invested in leadership development experiences for participating executives. The hallmark of each programme was learning rooted in experiences.

The distinctive Senior Leaders programme is composed of four modules carried out over six months. The journey is integrated with a strong backbone of structured innovation process where teams work between modules, and eventually being assessed by the CEO and C-suite representatives. This process deliberately takes the executives away from their comfort zone and established behaviours of how to manage teams and projects; to be successful, they must learn to depend on the contributions of one another and make decisions whilst facing market uncertainties. 

Personal coaches, innovation-process facilitators, learning ‘buddy’ partners, personal journaling, as well as structured peer feedback and assessment tools actively support personal development.

The UOB-SMU Leadership Academy is in its third year and has established a reputation for impact. The graduating cohorts (at all levels) put into action the tools and behaviours experienced in their learning journeys, reflecting SMU-ExD’s pedagogy of Knowledge - Application - Empowerment.

Source: http://exdmarketing.smu.edu.sg/acton/media/11523/uob-smu-leadership-academy
Image Source:    http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/sites/default/files/styles/large_popup/public/image/2015/07/31/uob3171.jpg?itok=bM5EU20T