This programme is intended to enable high-potential candidates from member organizations of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) to develop critical leadership and sector-specific behaviours, attitudes, skills and competencies in order to increase productivity, innovation and competitiveness.

Attract and Retain Future Leaders

  • Build strategies and capacity to grow your company.
  • Develop dynamic and collaborative management teams.
  • Create a culture of innovation and creative problem-solving. 

As one of the largest industries in Nova Scotia, and one that is continuously evolving, the level of sophistication required for you and your companies to compete locally, regionally and globally on increasingly complex projects commands exceptional leadership. The Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) has partnered with Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Management to deliver world-class leadership development training right here in Nova Scotia—helping organizations to become more productive and efficient, develop their capacity and the capabilities of their people, and attract and retain the future leaders of the construction industry.

Key Take-Away

Upon successful completion of the programme Participants will be able to:
•    Understand and demonstrate leadership in regards to self-awareness, engagement, complexity and innovation
•    Effectively lead teams within, across and external to the organization
•    Lead responsibly and demonstrate values-based leadership
•    Demonstrate complexity and systems thinking through strategic analysis, problem identification and problem-solving capacity
•    Identify and implement innovative solutions that meet the complex demands of the industry
•    Create and assess their own and others’ leadership development
•    Partner with others to increase organizational and leadership capacity overall

•    Introduction to Leadership in Construction
•    Self-Management | Self- Awareness | Self-Leadership
•    Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility
•    Teams and Relationship Management
•    Mastering Negotiation
•    Conflict Resolution
•    Strategic Thinking
•    Developing the Business
•    Strategic HR Management
•    Leading, Understanding and Managing Others
•    Systems and Complexity Thinking
•    Financial Management 1
•    Financial Management 2
•    Harnessing Innovation
•    Leading Change

Schedule and Duration:

The programme runs annually for a six-month period from September until March of the following year. 
Courses are full-day sessions that run from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. They are fully catered for breaks, breakfast and lunch. 

Gold Seal Education Credits: 
•    The programme satisfies 25 educational credits for qualified candidates seeking to obtain their Gold Seal Accreditation, a nationally recognized level of experience and competence.
•    Face-to-face courses delivered by the Faculty of Management's award-winning professors 
•    Personal assessments with detailed reports and debriefs 
•    Instructional resources including readings, case studies, activities and illustrations 
•    Assurance of integration and application of skills and competencies to the construction industry 
•    Application of skills through creative wake-up breaks

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