Hundreds of executives have chosen our Financial Skills programme for its concentrated coverage of financial management techniques uniquely tailored to the complexities of their industry.

Formerly "Developing a New Generation of Energy Leaders: Strategic Financial Skills," this intensive three and a half day programme uses a hands-on approach to help you understand and master the energy sector's financial essentials. Your instructors are all Cox faculty with significant experience in executive development, consulting and financial management. You'll share ideas and discuss industry issues with participants from around the world in small discussion groups and lively classroom sessions. You'll connect with mid-level to senior-level professionals from many segments of the energy industry and a variety of functional areas within their companies. In a series of information-packed class sessions, you'll develop essential financial acumen skills for the energy industry. By the end of the programme, you'll have a working knowledge of the key areas of financial management. After completing this executive energy programme, you will receive a certificate.


  • Value Creation in the Energy Industry
  • The Manager's Guide to Financial Statements
  • Capital Investment Analysis
  • How do Oil and Gas Markets Function?
  • Understanding Hedging and Commodity Price Risk
  • Financial Analysis of Large Projects
  • Raising Capital and Evaluating the Cost of Capital
  • Hands-On Practice of Project Evaluation, including mini-cases in corporate financial applications

SMU Cox Executive Education has joined forces with American Petroleum Institute (API) to deliver executive education curriculum to petroleum and natural gas industry professionals worldwide. API has selected these courses as part of its continuing-education curriculum for oil and gas professionals.


Programme Format:

Three and a half days, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The half day ends at 12 p.m.


April 9- 12, 2018


James M. Collins Executive Education Center | SMU Campus, Dallas, TX

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