For the last few months, a small group of us in India from diverse fields had been working with passion on an online portal on global executive education. While executive education is perceived differently in various parts of the world, our broad understanding of it in this context is that of mid-career short term courses for managers and leaders. Today, while the delivery of executive education has taken many forms, the predominant model still remains that of leading business schools across the world catering to the needs of the corporate world. The pioneering barometer for executive education rankings worldwide remains the Financial Times (FT) of London. XED Global, to start with has focused on open enrolment programs.

The latest FT survey found that as a group, North American schools fare better overall than their European counterparts for open-enrolment programs, while European schools stay ahead for customized programs. Asia comes third in both cases, followed by South America, Oceania and Africa. This is perhaps not surprising, but what is also evident is that corporations in India and a few countries in Africa are gaining ground in executive education. At the same time, online courses in executive education have also increased. The coming decade will transform the way how managers and leaders imbibe lifelong learning.

It is to capture the exciting changes in this area that XED Global took shape. We have made a small beginning but recognize that we have a long way to go. We intend travelling this journey with global business schools and other providers of executive education. In time, we hope to be the finest chronicler of global executive education. As a mission, we would like to bring corporations and business schools closer in this field.

I look forward to your feedback, comments and reviews. We would also be adding new features and improving on our existing offerings over the next few months.

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