IESE and Shizenkan University will impart joint Executive Education programs in the Japanese country. As part of its growing presence in Asia, IESE has signed an agreement with the newly created Shizenkan University in Tokyo to jointly develop Executive Education programs in Japan.

The director general of IESE, Franz Heukamp and Dr Tomo Noda, professor at Shizenkan University, have signed this alliance at a joint event in Tokyo, in which executives such as Yasuchika Hasegawa, corporate advisor of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company participated; Seiji Yasubuchi, Visa director in Japan; and Carolina Garcia Gómez, deputy CEO and head of IKEA Japan.

The CEO of IESE said: "I am pleased to announce this agreement, and the increase in disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence in an uncertain global context makes it essential to have innovative methodologies to train the next generation of leaders."

In accordance with the principles of both schools, the humanistic approach in the management of companies will be key in the new programs. This partnership reinforces the commitment and presence of IESE in Asia and, in particular, in Japan, where the school has a permanent office since 2013.

A common approach to leadership

The University of Shizenkan, which is based in the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo, will open its doors in August 2018. The University wants to develop programs that combine the latest management innovations with a training based on values, tradition, philosophies and the practices of Japan and other Asian countries. The name of the school, Shizenkan, comes from the four books and the five classics of Confucianism: Shi means last; Zen means goodness, and Kan means school.

According to Professor Franz Heukamp, "the philosophy of holistic leadership at Shizenkan University fits very well with our school approach, and at IESE we teach business leaders to consider in their decision-making process the impact that an action can have. Together, we want to help promote a sustainable and positive relationship between companies and society in general. "

In addition to supporting the development of managerial talent in companies in Japan, through this partnership, IESE and Shizenkan University want to build a global platform for dialogue on the future of managerial training and the best way to develop leadership in the future. In this sense, the two institutions will organize a series of conferences and joint events that will bring together the main figures of the educational field. The first event will take place in June in Barcelona and will examine the role of management schools in society.

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