KundapurVaman Kamath popularly known as K. V. Kamath, is the chief of the New Development Bank of BRICS countries. He has also served as the Chairman of Infosys  and as the Non-Executive Chairman of ICICI Bank, India's largest private bank. 

I thank IIM-A and the Professors for making me who I am today, because without that foundation I would be nowhere; all those people who helped, mentored and built us into where we are in our lives. 

What did I take away from this Institute? I took away the learning that all of us did, but two words stuck in my mind. 

I think the first was to be a change agent and I clearly remember that was something that Prof. Mote drilled into you. 

Second, again, what Prof. Mote drilled into you was whether you got an 'A' or a 'D' you should take a multi-dimensional approach; do not look at any problem with one dimension. I think later in life, it always stood me in good stead, because if you look at anything in a multi-dimensional context, you will find a solution. 

The other thing I kept in my mind for a long time was Prof. SudhirKakkar's contribution - psychosocial moratorium. I always carried that in my mind; you need to look at things beyond what you are doing; you need to look at the psychosocial moratorium from time to time. We took away several things, worked on a few things, concentrated on those and they helped us become what we are.