Pfizer is one of the world’s largest makers of pharmaceutical and nutritional products. As senior director of outcomes research for animal health, Sabina Gasper links science with business to translate the value of products for customers.

She shares her experience with executive education as inspiring and highly effective.

Why Did You Enrol In The Emerging Leaders Programme?

As a scientist coming into this new role, I didn’t have formalized management or leadership training. We’re currently transitioning my division from the U.S. to a global function, and as the issues of leadership become more complex, I wanted new skills to lead my team to effective results. The Emerging Leaders Programme provided exactly what I needed, enabling me to learn new tools and sharpen the skills I already had.

What Was The Michigan Ross Experience Like?

Leadership isn’t something that happens; you have to continually work at it. The programme was an ideal way to do that. The mix of classroom learning, small group interaction, and individualized self-assessment and reflection provided an effective way for me to step away from work and devote focused time to improving my leadership approach.

What Have You Gained From The Programme?

I’m more confident in everything I do as a leader now. I set higher expectations of my team, and I’m clearer about how we’re going to accomplish our goals. I’m also a much more inclusive leader; I’m better able to gauge the individual and collective needs of the team and lead us appropriately. Ross tools are helping me inspire better results from everyone I work with.

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