One of INSEAD’s most distinguished professors, Mike joined INSEAD in 1996 as an Assistant Professor of Operations Management. His research, teaching and consulting activities spanned the globe. He worked with some of the largest companies in the world in the areas of innovation, project management, operations and change management.

During his career at INSEAD, he served as a programme director for some of the most challenging and important executive education programmes such as the Young Manager’s Programme and the International Executive Programme. His expertise, his knowledge and his passion transformed these programmes and helped executives understand how to manage change in their companies.

Since 2013, Mike was Dean for Executive Education. During his deanship, he focused on providing our participants with unrivalled learning experiences through continuous improvement and innovation. He spearheaded the implementation of digital delivery across our programmes. Mike was known for his unique talent to engage with people and help them develop and reach their goals. Everyone who worked with him knows the personal impact that he had on their careers and lives.

Mike was proud to be among the pioneer cohort of faculty to move to Singapore in 1999. He was at the forefront of the vision to bring INSEAD to Asia.

In an interview with Business Insider he once said: “I learned that if you are going to fail, it should be a failure of action rather than inaction.”