The Law Society rightly points out, “Lawyers provide information services, and effective communication skills are a hallmark of good lawyers. Because lawyers have sworn a professional oath, they are expected to communicate at a higher standard than members of the general population.”

Soft skills are personal attributes and competencies that augment an individual’s ability to interrelate efficiently with others and are largely pertinent both at and outside the workplace. Whether you are dealing with colleagues, negotiating with other lawyers or interacting with clients, the manner in which you present yourself and your ideas and manage your resources is vital to your success in the workplace. Proficiencies such as effective communication, assertive behavior, conflict resolution and negotiation, interpersonal effectiveness, creative problem solving, amongst others, constitute soft skills. These are in fact life skills that everyone should have to boost professional relationships and job performance in order to become more successful at definite stages of life and career.

Effective soft skills are vital to a successful, rewarding practice. You need to communicate well with your clients, staff, partners, associates, other lawyers, and vendors. Polishing your interpersonal and soft skills (with a special focus on communication skills) will let you express yourself with more poise; more poise will help you draw more clients and influence your peers and recommendations.

Interpersonal & Soft Skills Effectiveness Lab is designed to help legal professionals/lawyers & law students at every level gain the communication and soft skills they need in binding the combined potential of fellow team members towards achieving set objectives.


The programme will help legal practitioners/lawyers:

•    Become skilled at managing self & people (staff & client)
•    Enhance communication skills.
•    Develop a more confident personality.
•    Create a niche amongst clients, other lawyers, judge/jury, staff & public.
•    Become better in terms of development and execution of ideas & plans.
•    Fortify skills as a team member and as a team leader.

Learning Outcomes/Contents:

•    Communication Skills – Oral & Written
•    Nonverbal Communication
•    Assertive Behaviour
•    Building & Leading the Team
•    Anger Management
•    Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills
•    Emotional Intelligence & Ethics in Behaviour
•    Gender Sensitization
•    Motivation & Persuasion Skills
•    Presentation Skills
•    Personality Development
•    Stress & Time Management

Participants Profile:

•    Legal practitioners/lawyers of lower, high and supreme court who would like to enhance their influence by honing their soft skills.
•    Legal practitioners having a private practice and managing a law firm who wish to create a niche by way of honing their interpersonal and people skills.
•    Law students who wish to make a mark of their own in this profession.
A varied cross-section of participant profiles adds new facets and perspectives to the discussions and experiential sessions.


o    Case Studies
o    Games & Activities (Indoor & Outdoor)
o    Situation Handling
o    Oral & Written Exercises
o    Group Work & Discussions
o    Audio-visual
o    Role Plays
o    Movie clips