Leadership Excellence Programme For UAE Women Executives is specifically for senior women business leaders in the UAE, A joint professional development program between The Initiative for Women in Business at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto and the American University in Dubai.

The Initiative for Women in Business has been committed to strengthening the female talent pipeline since 2008. With programming tailored for each stage of a woman's career, participants gain strategic decision-making and leadership skills and learn how to influence and inspire teams.

Together with award-winning faculty and corporate partners, we proudly support women's career development as a keystone to organizational prosperity.

About the Programme

The Leadership Excellence Programme for UAE Women Executives is a uniquely designed one-week intensive course that supports UAE women in senior and executive leadership positions and prepares them to be exceptional leaders. Employing a variety of learning approaches, the programme integrates leading academic research by Rotman faculty with expertise from an impressive roster of distinguished guest speakers from Canadian and global organizations leading lectures and workshops.

The programme enables women to embrace their own ambition, cultivate personal and team leadership from within their organizations and form a critical peer advisory board to support their evolving leadership priorities.

Who Should Attend?

This programme is designed for women holding executive-level positions in the UAE private and public sectors, who aspire to unlock their leadership qualities and grow these qualities to achieve their full leadership potential.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completing this programme, you will:
  • Understand the current global context and optimal business strategies for your organization
  • Think differently about leadership challenges and learn to create integrative solutions
  • Develop a more conscious and inclusive leadership style
  • Lead effectively in times of change
  • Interact and learn from peers and senior women business leaders
  • Build and leverage strategic networks and engage authentically

To know more about the Programme from Professor Beatrix Dart, head of the Initiative for Women in Business at U of T's Rotman School of Management visit: http://www.aud.edu/external_relations/en/menu/19805/leadership-excellence-program-for-uae-women-executives

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