Along with the demand for greater transparency, corporate boards face more complex oversight challenges. Whether the issue is financial resilience, corporate strategy, 

executive compensation, or regulatory compliance, this board of directors education program will help you gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibility of the board and how you and your fellow directors can work together more effectively to maximize your board's contribution to company success.

In this light ‘Making Corporate Boards More effective’ is a program offered by Harvard Business School which is extremely effective to help overcome corporate challenges.

What You Can Expect

This corporate governance program is based on the premise that there is no "one best way" for boards to operate. Rather, each board must consider and develop practices that recognize the unique needs of its company and management. We will examine not only normal board duties, but also the challenges boards face in dealing with the inevitable shocks and crises that arise in every company from time to time.
By exploring a wide array of topics—ranging from designing board structure, processes, and composition to evaluating CEO performance and company strategy—you will learn how to leverage board members' time, knowledge, and insights, both in and outside of meetings, so you can make better decisions for your company and its shareholders.

Your Course of Study

Through focused lectures and in-depth case studies, you and a group of distinguished peers will examine how effective corporate governance boards build positive relationships and efficient processes. You will explore the most relevant strategic and organizational issues facing boards of directors today. Examples taken from companies in diverse industries will drive home the need for transparency, trust, and close cooperation between board members and the management team.

Curriculum topics include:

  •     What are your board's responsibility and role in relation to management?
  •     What are the most effective structure and processes for your board?
  •     What personal qualities and characteristics do you need in the boardroom?
  •     How should your board carry out its responsibility of providing feedback to its CEO as well as grooming the next generation of top management?
  •     How should your board work with management to oversee company strategy?
  •     How can your fellow directors provide constructive feedback to one another and the board's leaders?
  •     What steps should you take to ensure your company complies with relevant regulations and laws?
  •     How can your board prepare itself for the inevitable unexpected events and crises that it may face, such as activist takeovers, accounting fraud, and environmental disasters?

Who Is Right for the Program

Making Corporate Boards More Effective is designed to meet the needs of board members and directors in both large public companies and established companies planning to go public. Emphasizing the common issues facing all boards of directors of public companies, the board of director’s education program welcomes participants from a broad range of industries.

Source : Harvard Business School , Executive education.