We live in the middle of the Age of Debt. For company management, it is essential to acquire and develop the knowledge, the techniques, the basic and advanced tools for managing corporate financial debt. This course develops the capabilities of analyzing the optimal capital structure of companies, describes the principles for defining debt policies and provides the operational tools to manage the company debt in a professional manner. Debt Management is a course designed for those who want to learn and improve their knowledge on the planning and management of company financial debt structure.

•    Chief financial officers 
•    Managers in the Finance Department of companies
•    General Managers of small and medium-sized companies
•    Financial advisors
•    Business consultants
•    Corporate and investment bankers

Learning Model

Debt Management is a blended course that combines both online sessions via distance learning and in class face-to-face sessions. The course is based primarily on lectures and case studies, complemented by contributions on specific sections handled by instructors both from corporates and/or from academia. The mix enables participants to apply concepts to real-life situations and get a “feel” for the actual corporate finance profession through exposure to real cases and examples

To learn more about the programme visit https://www.sdabocconi.it/en/executive-education/debt-management