The workforce is evolving. As a leader in your organization, engaging and collaborating with millennials has become critical for both your company's and your personal success.  #ManagingMillennials: Unleash the Power of Millennials, Berkeley Executive Education,  the 2-day program, will give you the tools to communicate effectively with Millennials, manage conflict within a diverse work environment, and promote a positive work culture.

After completing this program you will understand how key generational differences impact our interactions in the workplace. These differences include communication, expectations, motivation, and values. Once you are able to grasp these key concepts, you will attract, motivate and retain Millennials, while maintaining a positive culture. Through group discussions, exercises, and case studies, you will learn social psychological tools for building trust, developing relationships, and fostering teamwork. Recognize how to manage difficult conversations productively, give feedback, promote a growth mindset and coach your #Millennials to #success!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand key generational differences and similarities in communication, expectations, motivation, and values
  • Learn how to attract, motivate, and retain Millennials while maintaining a positive culture
  • Gain important communication and influence skills for strengthening your relationships, giving motivating feedback and managing conflict
  • Learn social psychological tools for building trust, developing relationships, fostering teamwork and managing emotions
  • Vastly improve your ability to manage your interactions and relationships with Millennials and different generations across the organization

Who Should Attend

  • Those who want to increase their effectiveness while working with Millennials and diverse groups of people
  • Leaders and managers at any level who encounter Millennials at work
  • Cross-functional teams working with Millennials
  • Senior leaders building workforce and culture for the future
  • Organizations experiencing rapid change in workforce structure

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