The best executives have to not only be on top of technical know-how, but have to negotiate and manage a web of interpersonal and group interactions and relations. A typical executive has to almost on daily basis manage many a times conflicting demands of boss, clients and peers. It is generally perceived as an art as to what and how much of demand of others to accommodate, how to accept or decline various demands and requests and which relations to nurture etc. These are some of the interpersonal and group dilemmas with which we live up on almost daily basis. Therefore, in order to be effective, executives need to first understand their deep seated models of interpersonal and group interactions. Further, exposure to appropriate approaches of effective interpersonal and group interactions based on accurate interpretation and analyses of situations is likely to equip executives to manage the ever increasing variety and frequency of interactions and their demands.

Programme venue : IIM Kozhikode


  • To manifest participants’ deeper assumptions of interpersonal and group engagements
  • To provide frameworks and models to hone various skills of interacting with, collaborating with, and influencing others and groups


  • Learning the Secrets of Excellent Interpersonal Relationships in Organizations
  • Mastering the Art of Conflict Handling
  • Discovering Tools to Enhanced Collaboration and Team Work

Who Should Attend:

Working executives who are eager to enhance the effectiveness of their interpersonal and group interactions.


The programme will utilize a variety of pedagogical tools including case studies, assessment instruments, lectures cum discussion and role playing.

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