Senior Vice President Customer Operations, Liaison Technologies
Liaison Technologies  Mikko Soirola is not an average Sales Vice President. First of all, he is a trained physicist. Second, he is harbouring a dream of at some point taking a year off to work in development aid. Not quite yet, how global level. Soirola enjoys his job immensely and so much is happening at Liaison Technologies. The international integration and data management company are growing at record speed.

Soirola has always felt that his background in natural sciences has given him a strong foundation to see causalities and the big picture, but leading sales in a company rapidly growing together with its customers, Soirola knew the time had come to add to this perspective with substance and theory on economic and strategic thinking, as well as new views on talent management.

“I am more than pleased with every aspect of the training. I have benchmarked business decisions I’ve made in the past and gained clarity on issues I am currently considering at work.”

“My favorite module was Financial Decision-Making for non-financial officers, it ticked all the boxes: the content was spot on what I wanted to learn, the professor was superb and his competence was just remarkable”, Soirola affirms that he has left each course with evolved thoughts and ideas.
 “Even the CRM course, which is my own area of expertise, gave me valuable new understanding. Customer lifecycles are a good example, the CRM course clarified certain notions I already had coming to the course and now I intend to put them into action in our company. I have to admit I challenged the professor quite a bit during the CRM course, we had good debates!”

Soirola says he is happy to recommend Aalto EE’s Global Leader program to people who are ambitious about honing their skills to move high up on the corporate ladder.

“Aalto EE impressed me on paper and they carried on doing so throughout the program. I am a big believer in the Finnish education system and with Aalto University I knew the lecturers focus their careers on researching the issues they teach, not selling, as so many consultants do.”

“I recommend the program to people with ambition to be top executives within five to ten years. Managers, Vice Presidents, people with at least ten years of work experience and a strong drive to advance their career. I think participants from international companies will get the most out of the program, as the examples and teaching all have a strong international focus.”

 “It may sound cliché, but my thinking is more in-depth after participating in Aalto EE’s Global Leader program,” Soirola ponders. “Today, when I have discussions with our CFO I inherently understand even complex issues, while previously our talks required more effort on my part for the numbers to translate into business insights.”

”The studies were demanding.”, smiles the father of three who admits to putting in ten to twelve hour days at the office. “I genuinely love what I do for a living. I may be busy, but I never feel stressed at work. With studies, work, and my family, I naturally had to make some compromises this year: I took the year off all hobbies. I am happy to have made that sacrifice. Participating in Aalto EE’s Global Leader program was an excellent decision and the payoffs are already evident at work. I am extremely pleased with the level of teaching and the knowledge I have taken with me.”

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