USB Executive Development, an Executive Education centre in South Africa has announced a further extension of its popular Young Minds Entrepreneurship Programme.

Running over a period of five months, the new programme is aimed at students who have discontinued their studies and are unsure about a future career, as well as school leavers, young adults who have matriculated and graduates.
To be known as the Young Minds Career Planning Programme, the programme will offer young adults a structured career planning process with an entrepreneurial approach.

Participants will be guided and supported as they discover who they are and what they want to achieve in life. This will go hand in hand with the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set, the fundamentals of business planning and management, and exploring the real world of work.
Life coaching forms an integrated part of the programme to enable effective thinking and problem-solving skills needed to overcome challenges on a personal level.

The first Young Minds Career Planning Programme will kick-off on the Stellenbosch University main campus from 17 July to 7 November 2017.
De Wet Schoeman, programme leader and director of the Centre for Applied Entrepreneurship at USB-ED, said this will help students who have discontinued their studies to overcome disappointment, to regain self-confidence and to look for a new career.  "The entrepreneurial approach will help them to seek and develop new opportunities for themselves."

The Young Minds Career Planning Programme follows in the footsteps of the Young Minds Entrepreneurship Programme presented annually by USB-ED over a period of about ten months. The programme started with 27 participants in 2011 and has grown over the years with more than 300 participants having completed it.

"The career planning programme differs from the entrepreneurship programme in the sense that it is a shorter programme (5 months) and will therefore be less comprehensive, but the same basic principles will be covered.

"As with the longer entrepreneurship programme, the new programme presents an investment in any young adult's life to prepare them for the modern challenges of work and business. To have the self-confidence, to make the most of your talents and to be what you want to be," Schoeman says.