A dynamic health care industry is driving the need for physicians who can take on a wider range of responsibilities and successfully navigate higher and more complex levels of leadership. A diverse and increasing number of individuals seek quality health care today; while health care expenditures are rising, the movement toward value-based care accelerates. Technological advances are transforming medicine's capabilities, but realizing their full value depends upon a system that is more cohesive and well connected. The next phase of health care requires physician leaders who are innovative, interdisciplinary thinkers with the skills to envision and shape the future.

Deloitte Consulting, the University of Pennsylvania’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, and Wharton Executive Education have joined forces to create a first-of-its-kind program to prepare physicians to shape the marketplace. This innovative program facilitates participants’ journey from physician leader to health care enterprise leader.

Physician Leadership Academy provides the necessary leadership skills that a traditional medical education and business education do not. Through in-person learning sessions with individual feedback, leadership coaching, mentoring, and peer support, physicians will acquire the understanding, insight, and definitive skillsets required to successfully lead within a constantly changing health care ecosystem.


This powerful, interactive curriculum provides physicians with:

A broadened perspective on current trends within the constantly changing health care space

The skills and mindset needed to impact pressing issues and shape the future in their enterprise and the broader health care ecosystem

The capability to navigate higher and more complex levels of leadership

An opportunity to increase recognition of their leadership and accelerate their career success

Clearer insight into their own leadership style, strengths, and development areas. They will work with coaches and mentors throughout the program to gain specific and objective feedback to support their development

Course Link - https://executiveeducation.wharton.upenn.edu/for-individuals/all-programs/physician-leadership-academy