Whether wealth arrives predictably or suddenly, many wealthy families find financial decision-making to be a major challenge. For almost 20 years, Wharton and the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) have provided education to help high-net-worth families better manage their assets and work with advisors to achieve their financial goals. Private Wealth Management provides the foundation of knowledge necessary to oversee substantial wealth.

Private Wealth Management Program Highlights & Benefits
•    Increase your depth of knowledge in key areas of private wealth management
•    Learn the latest thinking in modern portfolio theory, global markets, asset allocation, family governance, and manager selection
•    Meet and collaborate with others who are also part of a family with substantial assets and have the need for family asset management

Experience & Impact

Regardless of whether you are transitioning leadership from one generation to another, selling a business, or simply trying to make better decisions regarding your family‘s wealth, Private Wealth Management Program offers a unique learning opportunity. This immersive, five-day course will give you the knowledge and the confidence needed to achieve your wealth management goals.

The programme, first designed for the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) in 1999, allows participants to increase their depth of knowledge in key areas of wealth management, while having the unusual opportunity to meet and work with others, like themselves, who are part of a family with substantial assets. The case study for the programme is directly related to private wealth management issues and current market challenges.

Wharton faculty, led by Richard C. Marston, PhD, a leading expert on international investing, apply their field-based research and the latest strategic insights to help you broaden your perspective on how to make your organization more competitive.

Session topics include:

•    Performance Measurement and Manager Evaluation
•    Historical Returns in Markets
•    Post-crisis Markets
•    Modern Portfolio Theory
•    Family Governance and Wealth Transfer
•    Asset Allocation
•    Benchmarks
•    Hedge Funds: Evidence and Case Studies
•    Wealth Management Unwrapped

As part of the core curriculum, the programme places you within the Currency Family, a fictitious family with business and investment interests worldwide. You and your fellow participants will make decisions that will affect the family’s wealth and members of the family for generations to come.This distinctive Wharton experience uses class lectures, interactive casework, and participants‘personal experiences to increase your depth of knowledge in key areas of wealth management and prepare you to apply it to your own situation.

Overall, you will learn how to:
•    Enhance your knowledge base in key areas of wealth management
•    Connect with peers around the world who also face similar opportunities and challenges to protect, manage, and grow their assets

To know more about the programme visit https://executiveeducation.wharton.upenn.edu/for-individuals/all-programs/private-wealth-management