Anthony Arnold has a broad range of experience across the food and beverage, business and hospitality sectors. His international upbringing has taken him to 13 countries and four continents. Since becoming a sales execution and capabilities specialist at Heineken in 2013, most of his work has been project based.

Anthony’s role is a critical one with diverse teams executing projects at its core. He took the five-day Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders (LTEL) programme at London Business School (LBS) to refine his skills for managing several teams working on a variety of assignments across multiple countries at Heineken.

“There are many executive programmes available, which offer different formats, focus and support, so it was important to find the right one.” He wanted an end-to-end learning journey that extended beyond the programme duration. “LBS’s top rankings combined with its diverse classroom meant that no other school matched up.”

Return on diversity

“We’re given this incredible eye-opening test at the start of the programme and then taught about the importance of self-reflection. I realised the impact when I was shown how to examine and then understand my personality and leadership traits,” says Anthony. He explains the programme helped him identify his strengths and weaknesses as well as make improvements to his personal leadership style. “We were given tools to assess the personality of others and shown how to use this information to foster high-performing teams,” he adds.

For Anthony, the learning journey is ongoing: something LTEL supports. He says: “The continuous learning after LBS is possible because we were given frameworks that enabled us to improve not only while at LBS but for the rest of our careers. The follow-up coaching session and the network that’s built with your peers help to embed the learning.”

If diversity is the new source of innovation, LTEL is a wellspring of ideas as the class diversity went beyond nationalities, says Anthony. It was a combination of sector experience and industry expertise as well as the level participants had reached in their career. With a new approach to teams and frameworks to support fresh insights, he’s future ready.

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