In a Quick Take, Rajan S. Mathews, Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India gives his wise counsel on how the new entity from the Vodafone-Idea merger in India should approach the people management issues including training and executive development

1 Make sure all employees understand the non-negotiable values of the new company.
2 Mergers always entail some right sizing- communicate, communicate, communicate - keep all employees informed of what is going on and the significant decisions being made;  else the rumour mill will take over.
3 Treat employees equitably: provide a fair and just severance package for those who may have to leave the company. Set up an outsourcing assistance group/entity that will assist employees with transitioning. 
4 Identify your key employees and ensure they are motivated to continue with the new organization through appropriate discussions about career growth opportunities, compensation and job satisfaction.
5 Ensure all employees understand the commercial and social objectives, targets and KPIs for the new entity and their part/contribution/ alignment with/to them.
6 Continuously train employees to ensure continued skill relevance and skills necessary to take up the qualifications for new emerging opportunities within the company. Example: ensure all employees complete at least 20 hours of training a year in skills development and training.