In the business of entertainment, digital technologies are dramatically disrupting how products are developed and managed and how talent connects with audiences. Entertainment executives are challenged to effectively allocate limited resources—both human and financial—across a seemingly infinite array of opportunities. In this entertainment management course, you will acquire proven approaches for launching and managing creative products and portfolios, managing and marketing talent, assessing and determining when to make smaller versus blockbuster bets, identifying and capitalizing on market disruptions, and other strategic challenges.

Identifying and capitalizing on market disruptions, and other strategic challenges.

What You Can Expect

The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports focuses on the unique challenges of developing, managing, and marketing a successful entertainment offering. From "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson"; and "Hamilton: An American Musical" to "MRC's House of Cards"; and "The Walt Disney Studios," the curriculum examines the crucial elements of effective talent management and entertainment business strategies. You will emerge with a deeper understanding of the steps needed to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Your Course Of Study

In this HBS Executive Education programme, you'll explore a wide range of real-world case studies and discern why some creative businesses thrive while others fail to survive—or even get off the ground. Structured around three strategic entertainment business challenges, the curriculum examines how to effectively launch and manage products and portfolios, manage and market talent, and respond to and exploit advances in digital technology.

Who Is Right For The Programme

The entertainment management course is appropriate for those in the talent industry—including professional athletes, musicians, and actors—as well as for agents, managers, and other individuals who represent talent. This programme also is appropriate for mid- and senior-level executives who work or aspire to work for studios, networks, publishers, music companies, performing arts companies, sports leagues and teams, and other creative enterprises. Brand managers, promoters, consultants, investors, and others who are active in the entertainment industry will benefit as well.


The Admissions Committee meets monthly, and admits qualified candidates on a rolling, space available basis. Early application is strongly encouraged. Although there are no formal educational requirements, proficiency in written and spoken English is essential. Because Executive Education programmes enhance the leadership capacity of the participants as well as their organizations, HBS expects the full commitment of both.

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