The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) is a joint venture of the Madinah Knowledge Economic City (KEC), the Savola Group and the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority. It is a leading Corporate Social Responsibility Programme dedicated to enhancing entrepreneurial excellence and Leadership capacity in Asia, North Africa and most importantly, in the Middle East. Sponsored by Savola Group and strategically located in KEC, it is a non-profit organization and a collaborative initiative that seeks participation from top management consulting organizations, prestigious global business schools, professional associations and academicians.

In the fall of 2008, a brainstorming session was held in Dubai, UAE to conceive the vision for MILE, the purpose of which is to bridge the evident leadership deficit in the region. The senior executives and corporate leaders from Leading Concepts, Savola Group, Islamic Development Bank, Kenaxa and Mckinsey & Co. graced this momentous occasion to formulate the strategy for MILE and align its operating model with the global best practices prevailing in the world of Executive Education.

As a result, the MILE has introduced a unique business model that ensures relevant talent development and sustainability for senior executives and corporate leaders. Over the years, MILE has played a pivotal role in enhancing and building intellectual capital reserves in the region. MILE also leverages the perfect combination of Madinah’s prestigious location and the affinity of more than a billion Muslims to enhance this value proposition.

According to Raed Monagel , currently VP of Nahdi Medical Co and former VP of Panda Retail Company – Savola Group shares that;

"Programme helped me knowing the inside story of life and discovering the best out of myself as well as the best practices that leaders need to know. I am proud being in the first batch and proud to say that there is a MILE distance between the old and the New me."

I was a little hesitant because I didn't know about MILE, I knew INSEAD, London Business School and Harvard, but in this case, it was a little bit tricky to decide. So I went to our CHRO to help me decide and he recommended that I should attend the Leadership programme in MILE because he had heard some great reviews from other companies. It’s really been a great journey from the very first day where I was extremely impressed by the Introduction. The important thing was the case studies that they brought in were content rich and very relevant.

Participants of any Executive Education programme should not only aim at acquiring and improving new skill sets in today’s unpredictable and rapidly changing business environment.

The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) provides a unique opportunity to discover new avenues in leadership and management through its interactive and comprehensive educational programmes enabling us to grow exponentially as business leaders.

They allowed the participants to engage directly with world’s most influential business and academic leaders to discuss a wide range of critical leadership and management issues prevailing in the world. They further empowered us to successfully attain our personal goals and transform by equipping us with the latest and highly desired leadership development skills.

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