In just four months after Ms Molly Nagler became senior associate dean for executive education at Yale School of Management, she has made her impact felt as in the past -- which propelled her to the new critical position and role. 

While Molly’s primary responsibilities—leading a talented team and engaging outstanding faculty to develop and deliver more than 60 executive education programs a year—has not changed, this promotion recognises her extraordinary performance and underscores SOM’s commitment to innovative, high-impact executive programmes that are consonant with its mission to educate leaders for business and society.

When Ms Nagler took on responsibility for the executive education programmes in May 2015, she and her colleagues focused on several goals, including (a) developing open enrolment programmes that leveraged faculty expertise, (b) integrating greater use of technology, (c) taking yet greater advantage of Yale Centre Beijing, (d) strengthening governance processes, (e) leveraging the Global Network for Advanced Management, and (f) staying true to Yale’s business and society mission. 

Her priorities include:

•    Development of a robust set of open enrolment programmes that now account for nearly 30 percent of programme revenues;
•    Use of technologies ranging from Q-Stream and personalised assessments as well as online modules, to meet participant needs, with the result that technology-based programmes now account for 10 percent of SOM’s programmes and are projected to double in the next two years;
•    Continued growth in Asia-based programmes with substantial use of Yale Centre Beijing;
•    Development of guidelines for new programmes and greater use of faculty directors;
•    The launch of the Yale Global Executive Leaders Programmes that attracts leaders from all over the world and whose graduates earn life-long status as valued members of the Yale SOM alumni community; and
•    The development of a GNAM-wide certificate programme that allows participants to take advantage of program offerings from twenty member schools.

The “top-line” and “bottom-line” results are quite credible: 
•    FY17 executive programme revenues expected to exceed $14M; and
•    FY 17 contribution to the school from these programmes will approach or reach $4.5M.

Here are excerpts from an interview to XEDGlobal before Molly took over as the Senior Associate Dean: 

On the latest trends in ExEd: The trend is for shorter programmes like a 2 or 3-day ones.  Online videos will help in getting the fundamentals clear and then face-to-face assessment helps in the evaluation. Personalised content for the candidates also helps us in leadership assessment and capabilities. 

On the major customers for Yale programmes outside the United States: China is a big customer; they are trying to learn how business is done in the west and there is very rapid growth in the industry there. India is also a growing economy: a lot of technological innovations and new ideas are making managers visit our programs. Some are coming from Europe too.

Key observations on the outreach programmes: Travel and training budgets are getting tighter. Therefore we try to collaborate with local faculty and partners for different programmes.
Key factors which drive managers and executives to take up an ExEd course today: Today, career spans are long and people are working longer and switching jobs. They can’t rely only on certain skill sets; so they are coming back for enhancement of these skills and knowledge base.

In other cases, MBAs would have been done by managers many years ago and things and trends would have changed over the years. Therefore, timely up-gradation of skills is needed to find success at work.

When managers and leaders go back to their companies, what is impact they make at their workplaces: We design our programmes keeping in mind the candidate’s organisation. We discuss new projects, office working pattern, strategy management and leadership aspects. These will help them once they go back to their organisations and they can share and implement the same.