Banking is a rapidly changing industry that is currently facing one of its biggest paradigm shift. CRCAM Brie Picardie Launched his business project, drawing the roadmap that will drive its future growth and respond to its current challenges.

One of the key axes of this project is “The manager as an entrepreneur”, which highlights:

1. The lack of support provided to CABP managers and their need to be trained in management
2. The lack of transversality that impairs their ability to work in a more agile and collaborative way

In order to respond to these challenges, CABP has forged a solid collaboration with ESSEC (currently on its second year) to offer their managers a degree-awarding management programme (BADGE label, certified level II). CABP “Management Journey “aims to answer 3 key issues:

1. To develop the managers that will be part of the succession plan
2. To reward and motivate the target group
3. To further develop transversality in management practice

Objective: Develop, reward and motivate prepare the succession plan to incorporate transversality into management practice.
Target: 100 managers at credit Agricola Brie Picardie
Impact: Multiple stakeholders: participants, management and L&D Team
Programme Design: A degree-awarding management journey based on ESSEC’s operational management programme