India’s Rural Market for consumer products and services is growing at an accelerated pace. An urban marketer interested to tap these marketing opportunities in rural India needs to develop a deeper understanding of the rural marketing ecology. Further, a marketer requires better insights on the logic of organizing marketing efforts in rural areas considering these rural specificities.

Therefore it is essential to clearly format the rural marketing tasks looking at the complexities in India’s rural milieu. The dynamics of rural consumer behaviour, their cultural context, distribution problems, all need to be deciphered in its multifarious dimensions for sustaining high performance by marketers. Marketing organizations involved in marketing to rural India with their products and services must understand and introduce strategies, which are compatible and effective, in all stages of the rural marketing intervention cycle. The Programme is cast in the background of these facets pertaining to rural marketing.

•    Sensitize participants on the nuances of rural marketing environment.
•    Develop capabilities for clearly identifying, complex, real life rural marketing problems in a holistic perspective.
•    Identify and assess rural market potential for products and services.
•    Equip participants with mind-set and skill set to help them develop appropriate marketing mix strategies for products and services in different stages of their life cycle.

•    Understanding rural markets potential
•    Understanding rural consumers
•    Distribution in rural markets
•    Rural promotion strategies
•    Competitive strategies for rural markets

Participants Profile:
Junior - Middle-level executives of consumer products and services organizations now operating or planning to operate in rural markets.

Application of concepts and frameworks will be through Case Analysis, discussions, exercises and lectures.

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