It has been estimated that the wrong hire costs 1.5 times that person's annual salary. To a great extent, use of valid selection tools minimizes such costs. Despite the poor validity, unstructured interviews are still very commonly used in job interviews. Structured approach to interviewing, on the other hand, substantially enhances predictive validity of selection process. Competency Based Selection technique, with its structured approach, has been found to be the most valid among the existing selection tools. One of the most commonly used techniques among these is Competency Based Interview.
It is, therefore, important that panelists who are part of any selection interviews are trained in Competency Based Interview.

The coverage of the programme will be as follows:

  •     Introduction to Competency based Recruitment and Selection
  •     Identifying Assessment Specification and Establishing the Assessment Protocol
  •     Different types of Interviews
  •     Behavioral Events Interview and Competency Based Interview
  •     Premise of Behavioral and Situational Interviews
  •     Developing Questions for Competency Based Interviews
  •     Probing Techniques
  •     Understanding your probing styles and its implications
  •     Identifying Evidences from Competency Based Interviews
  •     Understanding cultural fit
  •     Developing Rating Scale for Competency
  •     Evidence based Competency Evaluation

01 Feb 2018 - 02 Feb 2018
MDP Number : 48
Area : Human Resources Management
Venue : Mumbai
Programme Directors : R K Premarajan