Jaime Galviz, Marketing and Operation Lead, Gulf, Microsoft, United Arab Emirates, discusses his experience on the Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme, and 12 months later, reflects on the ongoing benefits.

"Coming to Oxford in late 2016 was perfect timing – We were about to embark on a period of massive structural change at Microsoft, which I continue to co-lead. I’ve used a lot of things that I learned on the programme during this process.

Firstly, I focus more on the ‘why’ – As in, why are we changing? I’ve paid particular attention to maintaining clarity of communication and keeping a positive mentality in my team in regards to that. I’m investing a lot of thought and work into listening systems for consistent two way conversations. This facilitates my understanding of what’s happening and how people are feeling. I learned the importance of these things at Oxford and implemented it in my own way according to how we need to drive change.

I really valued that opportunity for self-reflection. Having that time in the Oxford environment allows you to ‘cool down’ and get perspective on what is happening at work and what leaders in other organisations are doing. I was able to reflect on my methods and prepare for the changes that we are going through.

Another real benefit is that I keep in touch with people from the programme. A friend from Nigeria, which is a key market that I serve, has given me a lot of insight into cultural context and the ‘back end’ of how things happen there. I got similar insights from colleagues from the US and Europe.

The biggest change that Oxford has brought in me is where I invest time. I want to be more impactful - I reflected a lot on that in Oxford and deeply questioned myself - What is the real priority in my role? I learned to adjust my leadership style depending on the situation and I now let others lead projects and take on things where before I would have naturally taken responsibility. I even adjusted my physical routine to have more energy to tackle the change we are going through.

I adapted and adjusted a lot thanks to Oxford, and its working!"

Source : https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/programmes/execed/hpl/programme-benefits/then-and-now-jaime-galviz-microsoft

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