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We live in a world of continuous evolution of market dynamics, economics, customers, technologies, organisations, people and business. We believe that managers & leaders need to regularly update and upgrade their skills and competencies to meet these growing challenges. Formative education, organizational training programs and on the job learning should be supplemented with specific, goal oriented and contemporary erudition. XED &Shilputsi Consultants have collaborated to help you gain a holistic perspective on your executive education plan. As you embark on this journey, we would like to help you move in the right direction.

This questionnaire will help you assess if you are ready for an executive education program and which type of program will be most suited for you. We will analyse this based on career aspirations and job role matching with expected competencies. The results will provide ideas on where you could perhaps further enhance your skills to remain current and to maneuver your career path in the desired direction.

About Shilputsi

Shilputsi is India’s leading HR consultancy firm. Shilputsi Consultants offer strategic HR solutions to help organisations achieve strategic HR objectives in line with their business plan and individuals achieve their professional & career goals. A frontrunner in the strategic HR Consulting space in India, Shilputsi Consultants, a boutique firm, today, boasts of some of the worlds as well as India’s largest and most well known companies for which it has built teams and talent processes. We at Shilputsi understand the needs of the organization accurately through our unique gap analysis in which we identify disparities between managerial skills/ competencies and their targeted organizational objectives. Today, with a network spread across INDIA, USA, EUROPE, ASIA & AUSTRALIA, Shilputsi is able to seamlessly provide personalised services at the highest speed of execution

We offer the following services

  • HR advisory & strategy
  • Interim HR management
  • Coaching & Leadership development
  • Career Transition (outplacement)
  • Talent Acquisition (Executive search & selection)

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