Executive trainer and CEO of Aquil Busrai consulting, Dr Aquil Busrai in this exclusive interview with XEDGlobal explain how Indian executives have more than 'one career' and how 'customised training' can re-equip them to face challenges and changes. 

He also emphasized on the need to 'adopt' and 'adapt' to stay with change. Technology has brought in a sudden change in work style, therefore customised executive training programs can help re-skill and re-learn.

According to him, technology is reducing time and cost. It is imperative for companies to retain the human resource by constant skilling and knowledge sharing.

As an experienced trainer himself, Dr. Busrai feels that the millennials need shorter trainer courses and that too according to their convenience. He feels that instead of week-long classroom-based programmes, shorter online courses at executives priority and at convenience will serve the purpose better. 

Talking about HR intervention and it's importance, Dr. Aquil shares that 'how' training is provided should not be the 'real' concern, however 'what' training, in terms of methodologies, case studies should be given priority. He feels that India lacks in indigenous case studies and still is depended on the west for the same. Indian case studies will help better identify and address executives challenges.